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Some information about our company
Machines and equipment for food production
Equipment facilitating the maintenance of food processing
Machines for sewage treatment and ultrafiltration
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15 years in business,
800 customers, 30 patents,
new solutions implemented constantly...

The LAMBDA Innovative Company was established in 1989. It was created from scratch by private shareholders. At present we are one of the biggest Polish manufacturers of machines and equipment for the food processing industry.

We specialize in the production of machines for food industry (primarily meat and fish processing), sewage treatment plants and the machining of acid resistant steel.


We are realizing a R&D project implementing new technological solutions. LAMBDA-H-L has its own experimental and design facility. Engineers employed in this unit form a team of ambitious design engineers, production engineers and designers. The results of their work are 30 patents and 50 inventions.

Design engineers in our company work also on new solutions, which in combination with the state-of-the-art system of computer-aided design facilitates the continuous improvement and adjustment of our products to ever changing requirements of the market.

We at LAMBDA-H-L sell our machines and equipment both at the domestic and foreign markets, e.g. in Canada, the USA, Japan, China, Croatia and Ukraine.

Our numerous products have been granted awards and honourable mentions. Among them there are Gold Medals at the International Agricultural and Industrial Fair POLAGRA: in 1996 for the automatic chamber washing stand and in 1997 for the LAMBDA steam smoking chamber.
However, the biggest honour for us and for our company are approximately 800 satisfied customers in Poland and abroad.

LAMBDA-H-L is a member of the Old Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry [Staropolska Izba Przemyslowo- Handlowa]. Twice we have been awarded the title of SOLIDNY PARTNER [Reliable Partner]. At present we are implementing a preliminary stage of the ISO 9001 certification.

As a result of its dynamic growth, LAMBDA-H-L is looking for partners in the sale and servicing of its products in foreign markets.
We will establish cooperation with individuals and companies active in the field of machines and equipment for meat, fish and milk processing industries, and environment protection.

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